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Etch Buddy Photo-Etch Bending Fixture


Product Details

Etch Buddy Transforms Flat Photo-Etched Parts into Complex 3D Objects

Made of CNC-machined aluminum for optimal precision and durability

Etch Buddy is a state-of-the-art tool that you use to fold, bend and shape photo-etched flat parts into 3-dimensional objects with unparalleled precision and efficiency. To use, lock your photo-etched part under one of the fingers on the top plate. Slide the supplied blade under the part and into the precision-machined fold line on the bottom plate. Then, lift the blade to bend the part to the desired shape. Etch Buddy has a wide assortment of finger widths and contours to accommodate all shapes and sizes of photo-etch sheet up to 6-1/2 inches long. The top plate may be rotated 180 degrees for long, straight bends. Note: For full length bends, we recommend substituting a metal ruler, such as #10115 (sold separately), for the blade. Unique features ensure perfectly square bends every time. Beautifully made of CNC-machined aluminum for a lifetime of use.

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