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Pressure Regulator / Gauge / Moisture Trap


Product Details

Compressor-mounted Regulator Controls Air Pressure, Removes Moisture

Pressure regulator lets you control the air pressure you need for the type and consistency of paint being sprayed. You set the pressure with the top-mounted, locking cap. The easy-to-read gauge is graduated in psi and bar; regulates airflow from 0 to 100 psi (0 to 7 bar). Built-in moisture trap removes finish-ruining condensation long before it reaches your airbrush . . . even on humid days. Regulator fits most hobby/art air compressors with standard 1/4 inch NPT male outlet fitting. Includes 1/4 inch fitting for attaching air hose to regulator. Spring-loaded valve makes it easy to empty the jar. MicroLux® brand.

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